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The Problem. And the Solution.

Working to foster the expansion of educational opportunities for North Carolina’s underserved English learning K-12 public school students by supporting solutions to remove the academic barriers they face while advocating for needed services, supports, investments and policy change at all levels.

While state level education funding support has declined over the last 10 years – dropping North Carolina to 42nd in per pupil spending, more than $3,000 below the national average –the state’s underinvestment is disproportionately harming students who face additional barriers to learning and opportunity.

English learners in North Carolina are the lowest academically performing student group, underrepresented in Advanced and Intellectually Gifted programs, and have one of the lowest graduation rates in the country at just 58 percent, compared to the state’s total graduation rate of 86.5 percent.

Together, we are working to improve outcomes for English learning students through community education and engagement, advocacy and communication.